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Bringing cost effective dental work to the UK 

Dental implants 

The closest thing to having your own teeth 

Dental bridges 

When you are looking to replace a number of adjacent teeth and they can be fixed to healthy teeth by means of a "bridge" 

Dental crowns 

Ceramic or porcelain replacement teeth that fit over badly damaged teeth and use that damaged tooth as the "anchor". 

Dental conservation 

The best form of dental care is preventing problems in the first place. 

Dental veneers 

The least invasive cosmetic dental treatment and amazing results can be achieved in a very short space of time. 
Here at The Dental Implant Dentist our aim is to bring cost effective dental work to the UK. 
You will have heard stories about people travelling abroad for major dentistry work due to the potential cost savings that could be had even when you include flights and hotels...not to mention the time off work. 
We are bringing the cost of dental implants down and are happy to quote prices from £1,650 per implant and we would encourage you to compare these prices with other dental clinics both here in the UK and abroad. 
What about the quality of work and materials used? 
Both of the highest standard, we just believe that it's about time that someone provided fair pricing for work that has to be carried out for the health of our patients. 
We will be offering the same fair pricing structure across our treatments and, of course, you can still come to us for all of your regular dentistry work. 
Who are we? 
We are part of the long standing St. Peter's Studio Dental Clinic and we have been looking after local patients since 1984. The Dental Implant Dentist is based at Kempston Dental Practice on Bedford Road, Kempston. 

How do I book in? 

Call 01234 944 499 
Email info@thedentalimplantdentist.co.uk 
Alternatively you can fill in the form here and a member of our team will be in touch. 
We are really excited about being able to provide this level of dentistry at affordable prices so if you have been putting it off now is the time to get in touch. 
Hema and Babak 
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